01 HiRho Park

WellSprings: Encountering Otherness

By By HiRho Y. Park. How do people encounter otherness? Of course, “othering” has been useful for forming national boundaries and identities. However, I define “otherness” as a point of connection within God’s creation because it completes the holistic circle of creation by mirroring the other side of revelation of God. We see the other side of God in others from their “otherness.”
09 Wendy J. Deichmann

Renewal: A New Thing of God in an Age of Decline

By Wendy J. Deichmann. United Methodists in the United States are tired of Church decline. We have begun our fifth decade of an historic slide toward extinction. This is not an exaggeration; it is the biggest elephant in the United Methodist room, and many of us would prefer not to talk about it. Inquiring minds may wonder, where is God, and what is God doing in the midst of this discouraging movement in a direction we really do not want to go?
08 Donna Fado Ivery

Spirit Brush Arts

By Donna Fado Ivery. In 1994, a disabling brain injury dramatically changed how I form each thought and motion, throwing me out of the pastoral ministry, my beloved vocation. With compromised speech, memory, vision, balance, left-side facility, and endurance, and through five years of rehab and chronic pain, I learned how to shadow the Spirit’s creative movement in order to get “through it all.”
05 Joaquina Filipe Nhanala

The Ministry of Presence: The Importance of Building Capacity among the Laity

By Joaquina Filipe Nhanala. African sayings, stories, recalling to memory conversation of the elders in my family, are among my sources for self-education to aid in understanding what is important, as well as the expectations of my fellow African Christians as I use them as a source for the communication of the Gospel. Coupled with this are the informative thoughts that come from my participation in young people’s meetings as well as visits I have received from them.
05 Yong Hui V. McDonald

The One Million Dream Project

By Yong Hui V. McDonald. BJesus is truly blessing people in jails and prisons with new life when they come to meet Christ, grow in their relationships with the Lord, and learn how to serve. God also blessed me with a new life as a minister through dreams and visions of how I can reach out to people in different ways and in areas that I had never imagined. I will share how God expanded my ministry and mission in four different ways.
04 Susan T. Henry-Crowe

To Places Unknown

By Susan T. Henry-Crowe. Bewildered by a more visible multireligious world, Christians must become more knowledgeable and sensitive to honest expressions of God in the lives of all people. This reality creates joy, confusion, and fear. Knowing neighbors, welcoming strangers, and offering hospitality to all is the first commandment. Yet, Christian people are often trepid. Denominational Christian identity is far less defined and appreciated than it was thirty years ago. Young people are not nearly as committed to denominational identity as to Christian identity. How is the Church to understand its role in this changing context? How is it to…
The Rev. Molly VetterPhoto by Allison Knight

Imaginative Upcycling and Rebirth

By Molly Vetter. As I stood at the communion table, repeating the words I use most every Wednesday afternoon at our Vespers worship, one line jumped out at me, as if in full, living color, declaring that Jesus Christ “delivered us from slavery to sin and death, and made with us a new covenant by water and the spirit.” I’d heard it and spoken it so many times—but that day, it was as if I were uncovering something precious and dangerous that had been buried for centuries.
02 Soomee Kim

I Am Making All Things New by Mending My Old Self

By Soomee Kim. I awakened, as if from a dream, and realized that in many ways, I was cloaked. I was dressed in antiquated coverings, worn thin, torn, and needing renewal. I felt emptiness; I was yearning for the invigoration of new wine. Any vision for renewal needs guidance, and that requires an outstretched hand. Trustworthy resources help one choose untaken paths necessary to re-cloak and refill. I first thought the process required complete discarding, out with the old, in with the new. Wondering, my choices ran contrary to Jesus’ consultation in Matthew; I layered new fabric on the old…
05 Safiyah Fosua

God Is Doing a New Thing in Worship

Safiyah Fosua. When I convened a group of twenty church leaders in 2004 to explore a different approach to writing liturgy, I had no idea that this gathering would become the seedbed of a new series of liturgical resources. We gathered—with poet, professor, and writing consultant Valerie Bridgeman Davis—in the GBOD Learning Center in late October, thinking that we would first discuss whether or not the black community needed more contextual liturgy for weekly worship and, perhaps later, tinker around with a few calls to worship and prayers.


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