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In Trust Center for Theological Schools

By Amy L. Kardash, President of In Trust Center for Theological Schools

Our mission is to strengthen theological schools by connecting their leaders to essential resources for mission vitality. Our institutional values are excellence, service, and trust.

The In Trust Center for Theological Schools is a membership organization for seminaries and other institutions of higher education that prepare students for Christian ministry, service, and scholarship. Founded in 1988, and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1995, the In Trust Center connects leaders to resources through our Resource Consulting program, through various educational initiatives, and through both online and print publications. The In Trust Center is committed to the ongoing renewal of theological schools in the United States and Canada by helping institutional leaders focus on their schools’ opportunities and challenges.

The Center is best known for In Trust magazine, a quarterly periodical for board members, administrators, faculty, and other stakeholders who care about theological education, which offers broad insights into the landscape of theological education and the field’s most pressing current issues.

The In Trust Center’s Resource Consulting services connect members to external resources that can best serve their unique needs. Resources, which can originate either within or outside the field of theological education, include expert consultants and organizations, peer institutions and leaders, financial help, online materials, books, and periodicals, including In Trust magazine.

The In Trust Center also offers webinars that provide opportunities for leaders to hear from and connect with experts on strategic topics including fundraising, presidential evaluation, partnerships, strategic planning, institutional conflict, and others.

In addition to the quarterly In Trust magazine, the Center publishes a monthly enewsletter and regular blog posts. The website, at www.intrust.org, offers online resources and the full-text archive of the magazine.

Interested in learning more about the work of the In Trust Center for Theological Schools? Contact us at www.intrust.org, or resources@intrust.org.


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