Finding Our Voices: Speaking Truth in a Context of Fear in Viet Nam

Quynh-Hoa Nguyen, a UMC missionary in Viet Nam, shares how patriarchal hierarchy, sociopolitical vulnerability, and an otherworldly, deterministic theology have reinforced fear and silence among the evangelical Christians in Viet Nam. She uses the Exodus story to challenge Vietnamese Christians to embrace courage and freedom, to find their voice, and to speak truth that has been silenced in the presence of power.

Dorothy’s Story

The Rev. Dorothy Macaulay, of the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, tells how God protected her family during the Liberian Civil War and then inspired her to overcome illness and adversity to become a leader in the Methodist Church in Africa.

Claim Who We Are in Christ

The Rev. Dr. Patience Kisakye, from Uganda, serving in the Upper New York area of the United Methodist Church, and the Rev. Dr. J. Kabamba Kiboko, President of the African Clergywomen Association (from CongoDR serving in the West Ohio Conference), explain the purpose of the African United Methodist Clergywomen Association, and how it is helping build and shape African congregations and the communities while enhancing the participation of women, children, and youth who make up the majority of the population on the continent and across the church.

A Liberating Incarnation: Bodies, Suffering, and the Church

Dr. Hwa-Young Chong, of the Northern Illinois Area of the United Methodist Church, shares how the incarnation of God in human flesh liberates us from all dehumanizing systems and structures of the world, so that we may freely and joyfully participate in creating our world as a more loving, compassionate, and peaceful place to be.

“Come and See Harare”

In 1984, there were only two ordained clergywomen in the Zimbabwe Annual Conference. Today, Africa has more than 300 clergywomen. Beauty Rosebery Maenzanise, of the East Zimbabwe Area of the United Methodist Church, shares the struggles of the Rev. Anne-Grace Chingonzo, one of the first Zimbabwe clergywomen, and her struggle to gain acceptance, and how the words in a dream provided the inspiration to persevere.

The Philippine Childbirth Experience and Birthing a Worldwide Church

Carmen Manalac-Scheuerman.

Images of giving birth in the Philippines can be inspiring or traumatic. Let me quickly bring you to a few concepts, my personal experience of giving birth, pose some questions for reflections, and then connect these to this question: How does the metaphor of childbirth help us inform and transform our understanding of Birthing a Worldwide Church?

Speak Out, Stand Up and Reach Out for Christ!

By Helen Manalac-Cunanan.

This was the theme for our UM Clergywomen Convocation of the Manila Episcopal Area (MEA) held July 1–3, 2015 at the UM Mission Camp in Tagaytay City. Gatherings of clergywomen like this one address that desire within us to meet with sisters in the ministry. It also satisfies the hunger to meet with kindred spirits coming from the wider United Methodist connection.

Latin American Methodist Women’s Encounter — Confirming Our Dignity

By Rosanna C. Panizo.

I am originally a Peruvian woman who grew up as a Methodist in Callao, the main port of Peru, where the first Methodist church was established in 1889. I remember spending the summers at Luisa’s house, my Methodist grandmother who used to live a couple of blocks from the beach, the Pacific Ocean. We used to walk to the beach almost every summer day after lunch and stay there to enjoy the sunsets. My other grandmother, Lastenia, was a fervent Roman Catholic, as was 90 percent of the Peruvian population.

How Beautiful Are the Feet of Those Who Bring Good News!

By Valentina Stavrova.

In January 2013 I arrived at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C., to do additional theological study to enhance my future ministry. I had served for six years in ministry in churches in the Russian Federation as part of the Eurasian Episcopal Area of the United Methodist Church and was a graduate of the Moscow Theological Seminary of the United Methodist Church. I

Sisters of the Globe: No Longer through a Patriarchal Glass, Darkly

By J. Kabamba Kiboko.

This article will discuss the decision of the General Conference to create and fund a Global Theological Education Fund, to be administered by The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM), and the impact of this decision on central conferences in Africa. I maintain that this decision will keep us on the road to increasing the number of clergy members throughout Africa and especially the formation of clergywomen on the continent.