Leadership – Micah-Style

By Mary Ann Moman.

It was the middle of the night, and we were gathered in the hospital room. One of my parishioners was dying. Her family rotated in and out of the room, each taking turns holding her hand and often saying prayers out loud. Her husband of more than fifty years recited Psalm 23. I was their pastor, and I was eight months pregnant. I stood with the family as death was imminent, my belly swollen with new life.

The One Million Dream Project

By Yong Hui V. McDonald.

BJesus is truly blessing people in jails and prisons with new life when they come to meet Christ, grow in their relationships with the Lord, and learn how to serve. God also blessed me with a new life as a minister through dreams and visions of how I can reach out to people in different ways and in areas that I had never imagined. I will share how God expanded my ministry and mission in four different ways.

To Places Unknown

By Susan T. Henry-Crowe.

Bewildered by a more visible multireligious world, Christians must become more knowledgeable and sensitive to honest expressions of God in the lives of all people. This reality creates joy, confusion, and fear. Knowing neighbors, welcoming strangers, and offering hospitality to all is the first commandment. Yet, Christian people are often trepid. Denominational Christian identity is far less defined and appreciated than it was thirty years ago. Young people are not nearly as committed to denominational identity as to Christian identity. How is the Church to understand its role in this changing context? How is it to articulate and define the spiritual life of the Christian community called United Methodist?

A Graceful Struggle: The Lead Women Pastors Project

By Susan Willhauck.

Transformation of any kind can come only from a holy scuffle. In our tradition, women in ministry have been engaged in a graceful struggle, one of those genuine paradoxes of leadership. Struggle implies suffering, great effort, and determination, perhaps even the gnashing of teeth and flailing of arms; yet a struggle can also be a dance with movements that free us from past confines. When that struggle is filled with grace, God is made known, wisdom prevails, and metamorphosis happens.